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Tesamorelin is used to reduce extra fat in the abdomen in people who have HIV infection and are suffering from changes in the way their fat is distributed.

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Tesamorelin 2mg Peptide Vial Albania

Tesamorelin is used to reduce extra fat in the abdomen in people who have HIV infection and are suffering from changes in the way their fat is distributed. Some peptides reduce fat in the legs and arms and increase fat in the stomach areas and upper back.

Tesamorelin stimulates the body in producing more growth hormone. It’s a synthetic GHRH analogue that is administered subcutaneously and has significant effects on lipid and glucose metabolism. Tesamorelin’s potency in activating and binding GHRH receptors is comparable to the body’s natural GHRH. Moreover, it doesn’t hurt other pituitary hormones.

How Tesamorelin Works Albania

Tesamorelin stimulates GHRH receptors. This leads to the release and synthesis of growth hormone, which works on different cells of the body. One of these cells is the hepatocytes that stimulate IGF-1 production. IGF-1 controls many of the effects of GH, including glucose update, lipolysis, and growth as well as inhibiting programmed cell death.

Tesamorelin is effective in reducing visceral adiposity in individuals with lipodystrophy linked to antiretroviral therapy of HIV infection. It is also being assessed as therapy for obesity, insulin resistance, nonalcoholic fatty liver, and obesity.

Clinical trials proved time and again that Tesamorelin considerably lessens fat in the abdomen with little side effects compared to the HGH itself. However, abdominal fat may come back after the user stops taking Tesamorelin.

Even non-HIV-infected individuals can benefit from Tesamorelin when it comes to abdominal fat reduction. One clinical study found out that 10.9% of HIV-infected patients who took Tesamorelin experienced a reduction in deep belly fat.

Benefits of Tesamorelin Albania Offers the following Advantages:

  • Increase natural production of human growth hormone
  • Reduces triglycerides
  • Increases IGF-1 without modifying glucose parameters
  • Reduces VAT or Visceral Adipose Tissue
  • Improves cognition in people over 60 years old
  • Reduces cIMT or Carotid Intima-Media Size

Tesamorelin is one of the most effective GHRHs on the market. Just like with any other medications, you may want to talk to your doctor first before using Tesamorelin.

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